WOW! What a year!

Well not a full year. Actually more like a half-year. In a very short amount of time since I first met you, I find myself in over 73 countries around the world. I can hardly believe all the Snazzy love that is being shared by so many. In 2010 we also found new friends when we were called by Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Kathy  Lee and Hoda among many many others who so kindly shared Snazzy Napper with the world. And how could we forget the oh so funny Mashable parody.

But a big thanks goes out to Jeannie Moos from CNN for being the very first person to put Snazzy on the airwaves, or shall I say cable. Our little website went into shock. There was 1 day in August where “Snazzy Napper” was the 6th most searched term on the internet. WOW!

I have sooooo many fun things in store for 2011. I hope you stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and now here on our blog.

Snazzy Love to ALL!

Snazzy! Snazzy! Snazzy Napper! Have a Snazzy Day!


Coming To A Dream State Near You

Introducing The Snazzy Napper

The Snazzy Napper™ was created by a woman who couldn’t get comfortable as she traveled from Atlanta to England and on the route back either. She tried unsuccessfully to use her jacket, to close the window shade to shield light and get rest on that long flight, but to no avail. When she arrived back in Atlanta, she immediately began working on something that would solve her and many millions of travelers’ problems and so was born The Snazzy Napper™.

The Snazzy Napper™ is a privacy sleep shield/blanket that can be used by any traveler, whether by train, plane or automobile (truck drivers too) and just any person who wants to get a more peaceful sleep (shift workers, dialysis patients, weary mothers/fathers on their day off).

The product folds into the pocket for easy storage while traveling. Whatever the choice, The Snazzy Napper™ is definitely the product for any traveler or person needing a more restful sleep.